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All Current 7’1″, 7’2, 7’3, & 7’4 NBA Players (2023-2024)

There are currently 11 players in the NBA that are 7’1″ or taller (i.e. 7’1, 7’2, 7’3, 7’4)

The total number of players in the NBA is currently 537 (including G League Two Way Players). This means that approximately 2.05% of all NBA players right now are 7 feet 1 inches or taller.

The list of players includes forward/centers (e.g. Chet Holmgren, Victor Wembanyama), as well as pure centers (e.g. Rudy Gobert, Brook Lopez). There are currently no guards over 7’1.

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List of All Current 7’1″ – 7’4″ NBA Players (2023-2024)

Below is a complete list of players this season that are 7’1″ tall or over.

It includes G League Two Way Players, as well as players that were waived . (i.e. 13 total players this season; 11 are still on a team)

The players are listed in alphabetical order (by last name). Scroll down for photos of each player.

All 7’1″, 7’2″, 7’3″, and 7’4″ NBA Players (click to expand)





For separate lists of guards / forwards / centers, as well as by Eastern / Western Conferences, scroll down.

7’1″ NBA Players:

7’2″ NBA Players:

7’3″ NBA Players:

Bol Bol NBA Player Phoenix Suns
Bol Bol

7’4″ NBA Players:

Top 5 Current 7’1″ or taller NBA Players

Here are my picks of the five best 7’1″ or taller players currently in the NBA (in no particular order):

  • Rudy Gobert
  • Brook Lopez
  • Kristaps Porzingis
  • Chet Holmgren
  • Victor Wembanyama

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Rudy Gobert, Minnesota Timberwolves (7’1″)

Rudy Gobert, a.k.a. “The Stifle Tower“, is one of the top shot blockers in the NBA, and has been a defensive force for many years.

The Frenchman is often lauded for his lack of offensive skill, but that has not stopped him from having an excellent career thus far, and also securing an impressive bag (i.e. 5-year, $205 million 💰)

Gobert is currently in his 11th NBA season (2013-present), and second team (Utah Jazz, Minnesota Twolves). He has averaged a “double-double” for the previous 7 seasons in a row!

Some of his other NBA achievements include: 3x Defensive Player of the Year, 3x All-Star, 4x All-NBA (1x Second, 3x Third), 6x All-Defensive First Team, Rebounding leader (2022), Blocks leader (2017).

Gobert also won an Olympic silver medal with France at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Gobert is currently part of an interesting “big three” for the Twolves which includes other stars Karl Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards. They have been pretty good so far this season, though the real test will come in the playoffs.

Brook Lopez, Milwaukee Bucks (7’1″)

Brook Lopez seems like he has been around forever, but continues to be one of the top big men in the game.

He started his career with the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets as a dominant inside force. Over the last few seasons, he has expanded his game to suddenly became a dangerous 3-point shooter (earning him the nickname “Splash Mountain”). He also continues to be one of the best shot blockers in the game.

Lopez is in his 16th NBA season (2008-present), and 3rd team (Nets, Lakers, Bucks). He has averaged double figure scoring in every season of his career, as well as over 1 block per game in all but one season (he only played 5 games because of injury).

Some of his other NBA achievements include: NBA champ (2021), All-Star, 2x All-Defensive team (1x First, 1x Second), All-Rookie First Team.

Lopez is also the all-time leading scorer in Nets franchise history.

🙂🙂 Brook Lopez’ twin brother Robin Lopez also plays for the Bucks.

Kristaps Porzingis, Boston Celtics (7’2″)

Kristaps Porzingis is maybe the best outside shooter over 7’1″.

The lanky big man from Latvia was once known as “The Unicorn” due to his mobility and offensive skillset never before seen in a player of his size.

After a promising start to his career, Porzingis has been very injury-prone, which has derailed his path to superstardom. He has only played over 60 games, three times in his career.

Kristaps is currently in his 8th NBA season (2015-present), and 4th team (New York, Dallas, Washington, Boston).

Some of his NBA career achievements so far include: 1x All-Star (2018), All-Rookie First Team (2016).

When healthy, he has still proven to be an incredible offensive threat, as well as consistent shot-blocker. He has averaged over 20 ppg for five seasons, and 1.8 blocks per game for his career.

Porzingis is currently on a great Celtics squad (featuring Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown) which has an excellent chance at winning it all … if healthy.

Chet Holmgren, Oklahoma City Thunder (7’1″)

Chet Holmgren is still a rookie, but has already shown that he can become one of the top players in the league.

His shot blocking abilities, agility, and outside shooting touch give him the potential to become a perennial All-Star in this NBA.

At time of writing, he is averaging an impressive 17points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2.6 blocks per game.

Chet is just 21 years old. It will be great watching him battle other rookie big man Victor Wembanyama (see below) over the next decade or so.

Victor Wembanyama, San Antonio Spurs (7’4″)

Wembanyama blocks Andrew Wiggins

Victor Wembanyama, a.k.a. “Wemby“, was maybe the most hyped prospect EVER when he was drafted first overall last year (2023). The only player with as much hype was maybe LeBron James way back in 2003.

The young Frenchman has more or less lived up to the hype so far in his rookie season. He has shown great skill handling the ball, an excellent shooting touch, and has made frequent use of his freakishly long wingspan.

He currently leads the entire NBA in blocks with an impressive 3.1 blocks per game.

At time of writing, he is currently averaging around 20ppg, 10pg, and 3apg.

Wembanyama is just 20 years old, and his future is ultra bright. Like, burning, blinding bright. Some people believe that Wemby could become one of the greatest players of all time.

Other Notable 7’1″ and taller NBA Players

Some other notable, or young & upcoming NBA players that are over 7 foot 1 inches tall, include:
Dereck Lively II, Boban Marjanovic, and Bol Bol.

Best 7’1″ and taller NBA Players of ALL TIME

Shaq is the best 7’1 player in modern NBA history.

There have been many great 7’1 and taller players in NBA history (i.e. currently retired). Below is a list of some star players that were 7’1 or taller (in no particular order):

Best 7’1 NBA Players of All Time

  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Wilt Chamberlain
  • Robert Parish
  • Vlade Divac
  • David Robinson

Best 7’2″ NBA Players of All Time

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Dikembe Mutombo
  • Artis Gilmore

Best 7’3″ NBA Players of All Time

Best 7’4″ NBA Players of All Time

  • Ralph Sampson
  • Rik Smits

Best 7’5″ NBA Players of All Time

  • n/a

Best 7’6″ NBA Players of All Time

  • Yao Ming

Best 7’7″ NBA Players of All Time

  • Manute Bol (more blocked shots than points scored)

Other Notable Players

Here are some other notable players that were over 7’1, but not necessarily stars:

  • Chuck Nevitt (7’5)
  • Gheorghe Mureșan (7’7)
  • Shawn Bradley (7’6)
  • Zydrunas Ilgauskas (7’3)
  • Greg Ostertag (7’2)
  • Mark Eaton (7’4)
  • Luc Longley (7’2)
  • Tree Rollins (7’1)
  • Bill Cartwright (7’1)

Current 7’1″ and over Players by Position

Below are some more lists of current NBA players by position (PG, SG, SF, PF, C) that are over 7’1″ tall.

Many players play multiple positions, so they will be in more than one list.


There are currently no 7’1 or taller guards in the NBA.

Point guards (PG)
  • No players found
Shooting guards (SG)
  • No players found


There are no 7’1 and taller small forwards in the NBA.

Small forwards (SF)
  • No players found

There are 5 power forwards that are 7’1″ tall:

Power forwards (PF)





7’1″ Centers in the NBA

11 out of 11 players that are 7’1″ or over, play the center position.

Centers (C)





Current 7’1″ or Taller Players by Conference

Below are lists of current 7’1″, 7’2, 7’3, 7’4 NBA players by conference (Eastern and Western).

Eastern Conference

There are 3 players in the Eastern Conference that are 7’1″ or taller.

Eastern Conference
  • No players found
  • No players found

7’1″ NBA Players in the West

There are 8 players in the Western Conference that are 7’1″ or taller.

Western Conference


Is there a 7’7 NBA player?

There is currently no NBA player that is 7’7″ tall.

Throughout NBA history, there have been two players that were 7’7: Manute Bol, and Gheorghe Mureșan.

How many 7ft plus players are in the NBA?

There are currently 31 players in the NBA that are 7 feet tall or over.

List of current players that are 7ft or taller (click to expand)






Who is the tallest guy in the NBA?

Victor Wembanyama (SAS) and Boban Marjanovic (HOU) are currently the two tallest NBA players. They are both listed at 7’4″ tall (approximately 2.24m).

Bol Bol (PHX) is the third tallest player in the league. He is listed at 7’3″ tall (2.21m).

Manute Bol (father of Bol Bol), and Gheorghe Mureșan are the two tallest players in NBA history. Both were listed at 7’7″ tall (approximately 2.31m).

Who is the shortest NBA player right now?

The shortest NBA player right now is Markquis Nowell. He is listed at 5’7″ (1.70m). Nowell is a Two Way player for the Toronto Raptors. The 2nd shortest player is Jacob Gilyard (5’8″) of the Memphis Grizzlies.

The shortest player in NBA history is Mugsy Bogues. He was listed at 5’3″ (1.60 m).

Who is the 7 foot 1, 4 time NBA champion?

Shaquille O’Neal is the only 7’1, four-time NBA champ.

Shaq won 3 championships with the LA Lakers (2000, 2001, 2002), and one with the Miami Heat (2006).

Which NBA players are 7’0″ tall? (and other heights)

Check out these posts for list of NBA players of other heights (7’0″, 6’10”, etc):


Who is your favorite current 7’1″ NBA player?

What about your favorite 7’1″ player of all time?

Which current players on this list do you think will be the best in the upcoming years?

Let me know in the comments below!


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