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Average NBA Player Weight (by Position, Team, Year)

The average weight of all current NBA players is approximately 215.39 lbs (i.e. 97.7 kg).

The average weight of NBA players has increased significantly since the league’s inaugural season in 1947 (i.e. approximately 188 pounds / 85 kg), but has stayed in the same range since the mid-late 1990s (i.e. 215-220 pounds / 98-100 kg).

Interestingly, the average NBA player weight has slightly decreased since its peak in 2010-2011 (i.e. 223 pounds / 101 kg). Around this time, more teams began focusing on 3-point shooting, and faster paced offences. This resulted in teams having more guards / wing players instead of bigger (and heavier) centers / post players.

Read on for more interesting insights about NBA player’s weights, including:

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Current Average NBA Player Weight (2023-2024)

Jamal Murray is approximately the average NBA weight (215 lbs).

The average weight of all current NBA players this season (2023-2024) is around 215.39 (i.e. 97.7 kg).

This number is calculated from 538 players that are currently on an NBA roster (including G League Two Way players).

There are a total of 41 players listed around the average weight.

🔍 To find weight data (and more) on individual players, visit the players page.

Heaviest NBA Players

Big Nurk is the heaviest player currently in the NBA.

The heaviest player(s) currently in the NBA weigh approximately 132 kg or 291.01 lbs (Jusuf Nurkic, Boban Marjanovic).

Lightest NBA Players

Gilyard is the lightest player in the NBA

The lightest player(s) currently in the NBA weigh approximately 73 kg or 160.94 lbs (Terquavion Smith, Jacob Gilyard).

Let’s see how the average weight compares to the median and mode:

Median NBA Weight

RJ Barrett is approximately the median NBA weight

“Median is the middle number in a set of data when the data is arranged in ascending or descending order.” (

The median weight of all current players is: 216.05 lbs (98kg).

This is around the same as the average weight.

Most Common NBA Weight (i.e. Mode)

Nickeil Alexander-Walker is the most common NBA weight

The most common/frequent NBA player weight is: 205.03 lbs (93kg), which is a bit less than the average weight.

There are currently 44 players with this weight.

Let’s see how player weights vary by position:

Average NBA Weight by Position

Below is a table of the average weights by position for current NBA players. As you may have guessed — point guards are the lightest, and centers are the heaviest.

PositionWeight (kg)Weight (lbs)
Point Guard (PG)89.077196.38
Shooting Guard (SG)91.711202.19
Small Forward (SF)96.356212.43
Power Forward (PF)101.145222.99
Center (C)107.895237.87

Let’s take a look at some more details:

Point Guard (PG)

Fred VanVleet is about the average PG weight.

The average weight for NBA point guards is 89.077 kg (approx. 196.38 lbs).

The median weight for point guards is 88 kg or 194.01 lbs.

The most common NBA point guard weight is 88 kg or 194.01 lbs (23 players).

The lightest current point guard(s) is 73 kg or 160.94 lbs (Terquavion Smith, Jacob Gilyard).

The heaviest current point guards(s) is 113 kg or 249.12 lbs (LeBron James).

Shooting Guard (SG)

Malik Monk is around the average SG weight.

The average weight for NBA shooting guards is 91.711 kg (approx. 202.19 lbs).

The median weight for shooting guards is 93 kg or 205.03 lbs.

The most common NBA shooting guard weight is 93 kg or 205.03 lbs (39 players).

The current lightest shooting guard(s) have a weight of 73 kg or 160.94 lbs (Terquavion Smith).

The current heaviest shooting guard(s) have a weight of 108 kg or 238.1 lbs (Scottie Barnes).

Small Forward (SF)

Jalen Williams is about the average SF weight.

The average weight for NBA small forwards is 96.356 kg (approx. 212.43 lbs)

The median weight for small forwards is 96 kg or 211.64 lbs.

The most common NBA small forward weight is 93 kg or 205.03 lbs (35 players).

The lightest current small forward(s) have a weight of 75 kg or 165.35 lbs (Isaiah Joe).

The heaviest current small forward(s) have a weight of 116 kg or 255.74 lbs (David Roddy).

Power Forward (PF)

Looney is around the average PF weight.

The average weight for NBA power forwards is 101.145 kg (approx. 222.99 lbs)

The median weight for power forwards is 100 kg or 220.46 lbs.

The most common NBA power forward weight is 100 kg or 220.46 lbs (44 players).

The lightest current power forward(s) have a weight of 77 kg or 169.76 lbs (Emoni Bates).

The heaviest current power forward(s) have a weight of 129 kg or 284.4 lbs (Zion Williamson).

Center (C)

Isaiah Mobley is around the average center weight.

The average weight for NBA centers is 107.895 kg (approx. 237.87 lbs)

The median weight for centers is 109 kg or 240.3 lbs.

The most common NBA center weight is 109 kg or 240.3 lbs (44 players).

The lightest current center(s) have a weight of 84 kg or 185.19 lbs (Ousmane Dieng).

The heaviest current center(s) have a weight of 132 kg or 291.01 lbs (Jusuf Nurkic, Boban Marjanovic).

Average NBA Weight by Team

The Phoenix Suns are the heaviest NBA team (on average) in 2023-2024

The team with the highest average weight is the Phoenix Suns (approx. 102.333kg).

The team with the lowest average weight is the Charlotte Hornets (approx. 93.833kg)

Check out the table below for average weights of every NBA team:

NBA Team Average Weight Table

Teams are listed in alphabetical order by default. You can sort by weight, or team name.

TeamAverage (lbs)Average (kg)Median (kg)Mode (kg)
Atlanta Hawks213.3696.77898.5 (217.16)100 (220.46)
Brooklyn Nets212.9996.61196.5 (212.75)95 (209.44)
Boston Celtics216.4498.17695 (209.44)93 (205.03)
Charlotte Hornets206.8793.83392.5 (203.93)84 (185.19)
Chicago Bulls214.5597.31693 (205.03)91 (200.62)
Cleveland Cavaliers216.5498.22298.5 (217.16)98 (216.05)
Dallas Mavericks215.0797.55696 (211.64)104 (229.28)
Denver Nuggets221.81100.61198.5 (217.16)109 (240.3)
Detroit Pistons215.297.61195 (209.44)95 (209.44)
Golden State Warriors208.7994.70694 (207.23)93 (205.03)
Houston Rockets223.65101.444101 (222.67)104 (229.28)
Indiana Pacers213.1196.66796.5 (212.75)93 (205.03)
Los Angeles Clippers214.2297.16798 (216.05)100 (220.46)
Los Angeles Lakers217.5298.66798 (216.05)98 (216.05)
Memphis Grizzlies208.8994.7595 (209.44)98 (216.05)
Miami Heat214.8997.47198 (216.05)93 (205.03)
Milwaukee Bucks214.7697.41295 (209.44)95 (209.44)
Minnesota Timberwolves216.5798.23598 (216.05)93 (205.03)
New Orleans Pelicans218.1398.94198 (216.05)86 (189.6)
New York Knicks220.2299.88999.5 (219.36)113 (249.12)
Oklahoma City Thunder211.8996.11195.5 (210.54)109 (240.3)
Orlando Magic221.56100.599 (218.26)100 (220.46)
Philadelphia 76ers210.7495.58895 (209.44)91 (200.62)
Phoenix Suns225.61102.333100 (220.46)100 (220.46)
Portland Trail Blazers218.269995 (209.44)93 (205.03)
Sacramento Kings212.1396.22293 (205.03)102 (224.87)
San Antonio Spurs213.3696.77896.5 (212.75)104 (229.28)
Toronto Raptors210.9195.66792.5 (203.93)91 (200.62)
Utah Jazz220.71100.111100.5 (221.56)98 (216.05)
Washington Wizards213.3696.77897.5 (214.95)88 (194.01)

Note: The tallest NBA team is the Orlando Magic

Average NBA Player Weight by Year (1947-2024)

The above chart shows how the average NBA player weight has changed over the years (1947-2023).

Since its inception in 1947 (as the “BAA“), the NBA player weight has grown around 14% from around 188 lbs (85.7kg) to over 215 lbs (97.8kg).

Compare this to the average height, which grew about 5% over the same time.

The increase in weight can be related to height (i.e. taller players are heavier), as well as training and nutrition. Players are much stronger, and better physically trained than before (i.e. muscles weigh more).

Interestingly, the average weight has dipped since its peak in the early 2010s.

This coincides with the general shift towards more 3-point shooting and faster paced offences of today’s NBA. Thanks to the dominance of Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors, teams started looking for more 3-point shooters, and versatile forwards instead of big (and heavy) centers.

NBA Weight by Year – Detailed Chart & Table

Here’s another chart which shows the average weight in relation to the median, mode, max, and min.

Below the chart is a downloadable table of all the numerical values, if you’re interested.

player weight by year

Source: Historical data was sourced from via dataset found on Kaggle. Interestingly, the official data is missing weight data on many retired players.

List of Current NBA Players by Weight (2023-2024)

Below is a table of all NBA players this season, sorted by weight. You also can sort by name, or search for specific player / team

Note: The list also includes players that were waived, and G League Two-Way Players.

Precious AchiuwaNew York Knicks243lb (110kg)72
Steven AdamsHouston Rockets265lb (120kg)15
Bam AdebayoMiami Heat255lb (116kg)25
Ochai AgbajiToronto Raptors215lb (98kg)241
Santi AldamaMemphis Grizzlies215lb (98kg)241
Nickeil Alexander-WalkerMinnesota Timberwolves205lb (93kg)340
Grayson AllenPhoenix Suns198lb (90kg)427
Jarrett AllenCleveland Cavaliers243lb (110kg)72
Jose AlvaradoNew Orleans Pelicans179lb (81kg)549
Kyle AndersonMinnesota Timberwolves230lb (104kg)132
Giannis AntetokounmpoMilwaukee Bucks243lb (110kg)72
Thanasis AntetokounmpoMilwaukee Bucks219lb (99kg)236
Cole AnthonyOrlando Magic185lb (84kg)509
OG AnunobyNew York Knicks240lb (109kg)78
Ryan Arcidiaconon/a195lb (88kg)442
Deni AvdijaWashington Wizards210lb (95kg)294
Deandre AytonPortland Trail Blazers247lb (112kg)53
Udoka AzubuikePhoenix Suns270lb (122kg)11
Ibou BadjiPortland Trail Blazers240lb (109kg)78
Marvin Bagley IIIWashington Wizards235lb (107kg)111
Amari BaileyCharlotte Hornets185lb (84kg)509
Patrick Baldwin Jr.Washington Wizards220lb (100kg)197
LaMelo BallCharlotte Hornets180lb (82kg)537
Lonzo BallChicago Bulls190lb (86kg)479
Mo BambaPhiladelphia 76ers231lb (105kg)129
Paolo BancheroOrlando Magic250lb (113kg)35
Desmond BaneMemphis Grizzlies215lb (98kg)241
Dalano BantonPortland Trail Blazers204lb (93kg)340
Dominick BarlowSan Antonio Spurs215lb (98kg)241
Harrison BarnesSacramento Kings225lb (102kg)169
Scottie BarnesToronto Raptors237lb (108kg)108
RJ BarrettToronto Raptors214lb (97kg)285
Charles BasseySan Antonio Spurs230lb (104kg)132
Emoni BatesCleveland Cavaliers170lb (77kg)566
Keita Bates-DiopBrooklyn Nets229lb (104kg)132
Nicolas BatumPhiladelphia 76ers230lb (104kg)132
Darius BazleyUtah Jazz216lb (98kg)241
Bradley BealPhoenix Suns207lb (94kg)334
Malik BeasleyMilwaukee Bucks187lb (85kg)505
MarJon BeauchampMilwaukee Bucks199lb (90kg)427
Jules BernardWashington Wizards210lb (95kg)294
Davis BertansCharlotte Hornets225lb (102kg)169
Patrick BeverleyMilwaukee Bucks180lb (82kg)537
Saddiq BeyAtlanta Hawks215lb (98kg)241
Goga BitadzeOrlando Magic250lb (113kg)35
Onuralp BitimChicago Bulls215lb (98kg)241
Bismack BiyomboOklahoma City Thunder255lb (116kg)25
Anthony BlackOrlando Magic200lb (91kg)398
Leaky BlackCharlotte Hornets209lb (95kg)294
Buddy BoeheimDetroit Pistons205lb (93kg)340
Bogdan BogdanovicAtlanta Hawks225lb (102kg)169
Bojan BogdanovicNew York Knicks226lb (103kg)159
Bol BolPhoenix Suns220lb (100kg)197
Marques BoldenCharlotte Hornets249lb (113kg)35
Devin BookerPhoenix Suns206lb (93kg)340
Brandon Boston Jr.Los Angeles Clippers188lb (85kg)505
Chris BoucherToronto Raptors200lb (91kg)398
James Bouknightn/a190lb (86kg)479
Jamaree BouyeaSan Antonio Spurs180lb (82kg)537
Malaki BranhamSan Antonio Spurs180lb (82kg)537
Christian BraunDenver Nuggets220lb (100kg)197
Mikal BridgesBrooklyn Nets209lb (95kg)294
Miles BridgesCharlotte Hornets225lb (102kg)169
Oshae BrissettBoston Celtics210lb (95kg)294
Izaiah Brockingtonn/a196lb (89kg)434
Malcolm BrogdonPortland Trail Blazers229lb (104kg)132
Armoni Brooksn/a195lb (88kg)442
Dillon BrooksHouston Rockets225lb (102kg)169
Bruce BrownToronto Raptors202lb (92kg)386
Jaylen BrownBoston Celtics223lb (101kg)192
Kendall BrownIndiana Pacers205lb (93kg)340
Kobe BrownLos Angeles Clippers250lb (113kg)35
Moses BrownPortland Trail Blazers258lb (117kg)23
Greg Brown IIIDallas Mavericks206lb (93kg)340
Charlie Brown Jr.New York Knicks199lb (90kg)427
Troy Brown Jr.Detroit Pistons215lb (98kg)241
Jalen BrunsonNew York Knicks190lb (86kg)479
Thomas BryantMiami Heat248lb (112kg)53
Kobe BufkinAtlanta Hawks195lb (88kg)442
Reggie Bullock Jr.Houston Rockets205lb (93kg)340
Alec BurksNew York Knicks214lb (97kg)285
Jared ButlerWashington Wizards193lb (88kg)442
Jimmy ButlerMiami Heat230lb (104kg)132
Jamal CainMiami Heat191lb (87kg)476
Kentavious Caldwell-PopeDenver Nuggets204lb (93kg)340
Toumani CamaraPortland Trail Blazers226lb (103kg)159
Vlatko CancarDenver Nuggets236lb (107kg)111
Clint CapelaAtlanta Hawks256lb (116kg)25
Jevon CarterChicago Bulls200lb (91kg)398
Wendell Carter Jr.Orlando Magic270lb (122kg)11
D.J. CartonToronto Raptors200lb (91kg)398
Alex CarusoChicago Bulls186lb (84kg)509
Colin CastletonLos Angeles Lakers250lb (113kg)35
Malcolm Cazalonn/a185lb (84kg)509
Julian ChampagnieSan Antonio Spurs217lb (98kg)241
Justin ChampagnieWashington Wizards206lb (93kg)340
Max ChristieLos Angeles Lakers190lb (86kg)479
Sidy CissokoSan Antonio Spurs200lb (91kg)398
Jaylen ClarkMinnesota Timberwolves205lb (93kg)340
Brandon ClarkeMemphis Grizzlies215lb (98kg)241
Jordan ClarksonUtah Jazz194lb (88kg)442
Nic ClaxtonBrooklyn Nets215lb (98kg)241
Noah ClowneyBrooklyn Nets210lb (95kg)294
Amir CoffeyLos Angeles Clippers210lb (95kg)294
John CollinsUtah Jazz226lb (103kg)159
Zach CollinsSan Antonio Spurs250lb (113kg)35
Mike ConleyMinnesota Timberwolves175lb (79kg)554
Pat ConnaughtonMilwaukee Bucks209lb (95kg)294
Sharife Coopern/a176lb (80kg)552
Bilal CoulibalyWashington Wizards195lb (88kg)442
Ricky Council IVPhiladelphia 76ers207lb (94kg)334
Robert CovingtonPhiladelphia 76ers209lb (95kg)294
Torrey CraigChicago Bulls221lb (100kg)197
Jae CrowderMilwaukee Bucks235lb (107kg)111
Jalen Crutchern/a175lb (79kg)554
Cade CunninghamDetroit Pistons220lb (100kg)197
Seth CurryCharlotte Hornets185lb (84kg)509
Stephen CurryGolden State Warriors185lb (84kg)509
Dyson DanielsNew Orleans Pelicans199lb (90kg)427
Anthony DavisLos Angeles Lakers253lb (115kg)31
Johnny DavisWashington Wizards195lb (88kg)442
JD DavisonBoston Celtics195lb (88kg)442
Dexter Dennisn/a210lb (95kg)294
DeMar DeRozanChicago Bulls220lb (100kg)197
Moussa DiabateLos Angeles Clippers210lb (95kg)294
Mamadi DiakiteNew York Knicks228lb (103kg)159
Hamidou Diallon/a202lb (92kg)386
Gradey DickToronto Raptors200lb (91kg)398
Ousmane DiengOklahoma City Thunder185lb (84kg)509
Spencer DinwiddieLos Angeles Lakers215lb (98kg)241
Donte DiVincenzoNew York Knicks203lb (92kg)386
Luka DoncicDallas Mavericks230lb (104kg)132
Luguentz DortOklahoma City Thunder220lb (100kg)197
Ayo DosunmuChicago Bulls200lb (91kg)398
Jeff Dowtin Jr.Philadelphia 76ers177lb (80kg)552
Henri DrellChicago Bulls220lb (100kg)197
Andre DrummondChicago Bulls279lb (127kg)6
Chris DuarteSacramento Kings190lb (86kg)479
David Duke Jr.San Antonio Spurs204lb (93kg)340
Kris DunnUtah Jazz205lb (93kg)340
Kevin DurantPhoenix Suns240lb (109kg)78
Jalen DurenDetroit Pistons250lb (113kg)35
Tari EasonHouston Rockets215lb (98kg)241
Anthony EdwardsMinnesota Timberwolves225lb (102kg)169
Kessler EdwardsSacramento Kings203lb (92kg)386
Keon EllisSacramento Kings175lb (79kg)554
Joel EmbiidPhiladelphia 76ers280lb (127kg)6
Drew EubanksPhoenix Suns245lb (111kg)58
Tosan EvbuomwanDetroit Pistons217lb (98kg)241
Dante ExumDallas Mavericks214lb (97kg)285
Bruno FernandoAtlanta Hawks240lb (109kg)78
Dorian Finney-SmithBrooklyn Nets220lb (100kg)197
Adam FlaglerOklahoma City Thunder180lb (82kg)537
Malachi FlynnDetroit Pistons185lb (84kg)509
Simone FontecchioDetroit Pistons209lb (95kg)294
Jordan FordSacramento Kings175lb (79kg)554
Trent ForrestAtlanta Hawks210lb (95kg)294
Evan FournierDetroit Pistons205lb (93kg)340
De’Aaron FoxSacramento Kings185lb (84kg)509
Javon Freeman-LibertyToronto Raptors190lb (86kg)479
Alex FudgeDallas Mavericks200lb (91kg)398
Markelle FultzOrlando Magic209lb (95kg)294
Andrew FunkChicago Bulls200lb (91kg)398
Wenyen Gabrieln/a205lb (93kg)340
Daniel GaffordDallas Mavericks234lb (106kg)124
Danilo GallinariMilwaukee Bucks236lb (107kg)111
Jaylin GallowayMilwaukee Bucks576
Darius GarlandCleveland Cavaliers192lb (87kg)476
Usman GarubaGolden State Warriors229lb (104kg)132
Luka GarzaMinnesota Timberwolves243lb (110kg)72
Kaiser Gatesn/a225lb (102kg)169
Keyonte GeorgeUtah Jazz185lb (84kg)509
Paul GeorgeLos Angeles Clippers220lb (100kg)197
Taj GibsonDetroit Pistons232lb (105kg)129
Josh GiddeyOklahoma City Thunder216lb (98kg)241
Harry Giles IIILos Angeles Lakers240lb (109kg)78
Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderOklahoma City Thunder195lb (88kg)442
Anthony GillWashington Wizards230lb (104kg)132
Collin GillespieDenver Nuggets195lb (88kg)442
Jacob GilyardBrooklyn Nets160lb (73kg)573
Rudy GobertMinnesota Timberwolves258lb (117kg)23
Jordan GoodwinMemphis Grizzlies200lb (91kg)398
Aaron GordonDenver Nuggets235lb (107kg)111
Eric GordonPhoenix Suns215lb (98kg)241
Devonte’ GrahamSan Antonio Spurs195lb (88kg)442
Jerami GrantPortland Trail Blazers210lb (95kg)294
RaiQuan GraySan Antonio Spurs269lb (122kg)11
AJ GreenMilwaukee Bucks190lb (86kg)479
Danny Greenn/a215lb (98kg)241
Draymond GreenGolden State Warriors230lb (104kg)132
Jalen GreenHouston Rockets186lb (84kg)509
Jeff GreenHouston Rockets235lb (107kg)111
Josh GreenDallas Mavericks200lb (91kg)398
Javonte GreenChicago Bulls576
AJ GriffinAtlanta Hawks220lb (100kg)197
Quentin GrimesDetroit Pistons210lb (95kg)294
Mouhamed GueyeAtlanta Hawks210lb (95kg)294
Mouhamadou GueyeToronto Raptors210lb (95kg)294
Rui HachimuraLos Angeles Lakers230lb (104kg)132
Ashton HagansPortland Trail Blazers190lb (86kg)479
Tyrese HaliburtonIndiana Pacers185lb (84kg)509
R.J. Hamptonn/a175lb (79kg)554
Tim Hardaway Jr.Dallas Mavericks205lb (93kg)340
James HardenLos Angeles Clippers220lb (100kg)197
Jaden HardyDallas Mavericks198lb (90kg)427
Ron Harper Jr.n/a233lb (106kg)124
Gary HarrisOrlando Magic210lb (95kg)294
Joe Harrisn/a220lb (100kg)197
Kevon HarrisOrlando Magic216lb (98kg)241
Tobias HarrisPhiladelphia 76ers226lb (103kg)159
Shaquille Harrisonn/a195lb (88kg)442
Josh HartNew York Knicks215lb (98kg)241
Isaiah HartensteinNew York Knicks250lb (113kg)35
Sam HauserBoston Celtics217lb (98kg)241
Jordan HawkinsNew Orleans Pelicans190lb (86kg)479
Jaxson HayesLos Angeles Lakers220lb (100kg)197
Killian Hayesn/a195lb (88kg)442
Gordon HaywardOklahoma City Thunder225lb (102kg)169
Scoot HendersonPortland Trail Blazers202lb (92kg)386
Taylor HendricksUtah Jazz215lb (98kg)241
Tyler HerroMiami Heat195lb (88kg)442
Buddy HieldPhiladelphia 76ers220lb (100kg)197
Haywood HighsmithMiami Heat220lb (100kg)197
Malcolm HillNew Orleans Pelicans220lb (100kg)197
Nate HintonHouston Rockets210lb (95kg)294
D’Moi Hodgen/a188lb (85kg)505
Aaron HolidayHouston Rockets185lb (84kg)509
Jrue HolidayBoston Celtics205lb (93kg)340
Justin HolidayDenver Nuggets180lb (82kg)537
Richaun HolmesWashington Wizards235lb (107kg)111
Chet HolmgrenOklahoma City Thunder208lb (94kg)334
Jalen Hood-SchifinoLos Angeles Lakers215lb (98kg)241
Al HorfordBoston Celtics240lb (109kg)78
Talen Horton-TuckerUtah Jazz234lb (106kg)124
Danuel House Jr.n/a220lb (100kg)197
Caleb HoustanOrlando Magic205lb (93kg)340
Jett HowardOrlando Magic215lb (98kg)241
Kevin HuerterSacramento Kings198lb (90kg)427
Jay HuffDenver Nuggets240lb (109kg)78
De’Andre HunterAtlanta Hawks221lb (100kg)197
Matt Hurtn/a233lb (106kg)124
Bones HylandLos Angeles Clippers169lb (77kg)566
Joe InglesOrlando Magic220lb (100kg)197
Brandon IngramNew Orleans Pelicans190lb (86kg)479
Kyrie IrvingDallas Mavericks195lb (88kg)442
Jonathan IsaacOrlando Magic230lb (104kg)132
Jaden IveyDetroit Pistons195lb (88kg)442
GG JacksonMemphis Grizzlies210lb (95kg)294
Isaiah JacksonIndiana Pacers205lb (93kg)340
Reggie JacksonDenver Nuggets208lb (94kg)334
Justin Jacksonn/a220lb (100kg)197
Quenton JacksonIndiana Pacers173lb (78kg)565
Andre Jackson Jr.Milwaukee Bucks209lb (95kg)294
Jaren Jackson Jr.Memphis Grizzlies242lb (110kg)72
Trayce Jackson-DavisGolden State Warriors245lb (111kg)58
LeBron JamesLos Angeles Lakers250lb (113kg)35
Jaime Jaquez Jr.Miami Heat225lb (102kg)169
DeJon JarreauMemphis Grizzlies185lb (84kg)509
DaQuan JeffriesNew York Knicks222lb (101kg)192
Trey JemisonMemphis Grizzlies260lb (118kg)20
Ty JeromeCleveland Cavaliers195lb (88kg)442
Isaiah JoeOklahoma City Thunder165lb (75kg)570
Cameron JohnsonBrooklyn Nets210lb (95kg)294
Jalen JohnsonAtlanta Hawks219lb (99kg)236
James JohnsonIndiana Pacers240lb (109kg)78
Keldon JohnsonSan Antonio Spurs220lb (100kg)197
Keon JohnsonBrooklyn Nets185lb (84kg)509
Keyontae JohnsonOklahoma City Thunder230lb (104kg)132
Nikola JokicDenver Nuggets284lb (129kg)3
Colby JonesSacramento Kings207lb (94kg)334
Damian JonesCleveland Cavaliers245lb (111kg)58
Herbert JonesNew Orleans Pelicans206lb (93kg)340
Tre JonesSan Antonio Spurs185lb (84kg)509
Tyus JonesWashington Wizards196lb (89kg)434
Mason JonesSacramento Kings200lb (91kg)398
Kai Jonesn/a221lb (100kg)197
Derrick Jones Jr.Dallas Mavericks210lb (95kg)294
DeAndre JordanDenver Nuggets265lb (120kg)15
Cory Josephn/a200lb (91kg)398
Nikola JovicMiami Heat205lb (93kg)340
Johnny JuzangUtah Jazz209lb (95kg)294
Luke KennardMemphis Grizzlies206lb (93kg)340
Walker KesslerUtah Jazz245lb (111kg)58
Braxton KeyDenver Nuggets225lb (102kg)169
Corey KispertWashington Wizards224lb (102kg)169
Maxi KleberDallas Mavericks240lb (109kg)78
Kevin Knox IIn/a215lb (98kg)241
John KoncharMemphis Grizzlies210lb (95kg)294
Furkan Korkmazn/a202lb (92kg)386
Luke KornetBoston Celtics250lb (113kg)35
Vit KrejciAtlanta Hawks195lb (88kg)442
Jonathan KumingaGolden State Warriors225lb (102kg)169
Kyle KuzmaWashington Wizards221lb (100kg)197
Jock LandaleHouston Rockets255lb (116kg)25
Jake LaRaviaMemphis Grizzlies235lb (107kg)111
Zach LaVineChicago Bulls200lb (91kg)398
A.J. LawsonDallas Mavericks179lb (81kg)549
Damion LeePhoenix Suns210lb (95kg)294
Saben LeePhoenix Suns183lb (83kg)534
Alex LenSacramento Kings250lb (113kg)35
Kawhi LeonardLos Angeles Clippers225lb (102kg)169
Caris LeVertCleveland Cavaliers205lb (93kg)340
Maxwell LewisLos Angeles Lakers195lb (88kg)442
Kira Lewis Jr.Utah Jazz170lb (77kg)566
E.J. LiddellNew Orleans Pelicans240lb (109kg)78
Damian LillardMilwaukee Bucks195lb (88kg)442
Nassir LittlePhoenix Suns220lb (100kg)197
Dereck Lively IIDallas Mavericks230lb (104kg)132
Isaiah LiversWashington Wizards232lb (105kg)129
Chris LivingstonMilwaukee Bucks220lb (100kg)197
Kenneth Lofton Jr.Utah Jazz275lb (125kg)9
Kevon LooneyGolden State Warriors222lb (101kg)192
Brook LopezMilwaukee Bucks282lb (128kg)5
Robin Lopezn/a281lb (127kg)6
Kevin LoveMiami Heat251lb (114kg)34
Kyle LowryPhiladelphia 76ers196lb (89kg)434
Seth LundyAtlanta Hawks220lb (100kg)197
Trey LylesSacramento Kings234lb (106kg)124
Theo Maledonn/a175lb (79kg)554
Sandro MamukelashviliSan Antonio Spurs240lb (109kg)78
Terance MannLos Angeles Clippers215lb (98kg)241
Tre MannCharlotte Hornets178lb (81kg)549
Boban MarjanovicHouston Rockets290lb (132kg)1
Lauri MarkkanenUtah Jazz240lb (109kg)78
Naji MarshallNew Orleans Pelicans220lb (100kg)197
Caleb MartinMiami Heat205lb (93kg)340
Cody MartinCharlotte Hornets205lb (93kg)340
KJ MartinPhiladelphia 76ers215lb (98kg)241
Jaylen MartinBrooklyn Nets216lb (98kg)241
Garrison MathewsAtlanta Hawks215lb (98kg)241
Bennedict MathurinIndiana Pacers210lb (95kg)294
Wesley MatthewsAtlanta Hawks220lb (100kg)197
Tyrese MaxeyPhiladelphia 76ers200lb (91kg)398
Skylar MaysLos Angeles Lakers205lb (93kg)340
Miles McBrideNew York Knicks195lb (88kg)442
CJ McCollumNew Orleans Pelicans190lb (86kg)479
T.J. McConnellIndiana Pacers190lb (86kg)479
Jaden McDanielsMinnesota Timberwolves185lb (84kg)509
Jalen McDanielsToronto Raptors190lb (86kg)479
Doug McDermottIndiana Pacers225lb (102kg)169
JaVale McGeeSacramento Kings270lb (122kg)11
Bryce McGowensCharlotte Hornets175lb (79kg)554
Jordan McLaughlinMinnesota Timberwolves185lb (84kg)509
De’Anthony MeltonPhiladelphia 76ers200lb (91kg)398
Nathan Mensahn/a230lb (104kg)132
Sam MerrillCleveland Cavaliers205lb (93kg)340
Chimezie MetuDetroit Pistons225lb (102kg)169
Vasilije MicicCharlotte Hornets188lb (85kg)505
Khris MiddletonMilwaukee Bucks222lb (101kg)192
Brandon MillerCharlotte Hornets200lb (91kg)398
Jordan MillerLos Angeles Clippers194lb (88kg)442
Leonard MillerMinnesota Timberwolves210lb (95kg)294
Patty MillsMiami Heat180lb (82kg)537
Shake MiltonNew York Knicks205lb (93kg)340
Justin MinayaPortland Trail Blazers205lb (93kg)340
Josh MinottMinnesota Timberwolves205lb (93kg)340
Davion MitchellSacramento Kings202lb (92kg)386
Donovan MitchellCleveland Cavaliers215lb (98kg)241
Evan MobleyCleveland Cavaliers215lb (98kg)241
Isaiah MobleyCleveland Cavaliers238lb (108kg)108
Malik MonkSacramento Kings200lb (91kg)398
Moses MoodyGolden State Warriors211lb (96kg)292
Xavier MoonLos Angeles Clippers165lb (75kg)570
Taze Mooren/a195lb (88kg)442
Wendell Moore Jr.Minnesota Timberwolves215lb (98kg)241
Ja MorantMemphis Grizzlies174lb (79kg)554
Markieff MorrisDallas Mavericks245lb (111kg)58
Monte MorrisMinnesota Timberwolves183lb (83kg)534
Marcus Morris Sr.n/a218lb (99kg)236
Trey Murphy IIINew Orleans Pelicans206lb (93kg)340
Dejounte MurrayAtlanta Hawks180lb (82kg)537
Jamal MurrayDenver Nuggets215lb (98kg)241
Keegan MurraySacramento Kings225lb (102kg)169
Kris MurrayPortland Trail Blazers210lb (95kg)294
Mike MuscalaOklahoma City Thunder240lb (109kg)78
Svi MykhailiukBoston Celtics205lb (93kg)340
Pete NanceCleveland Cavaliers225lb (102kg)169
Larry Nance Jr.New Orleans Pelicans245lb (111kg)58
Andrew NembhardIndiana Pacers191lb (87kg)476
Aaron NesmithIndiana Pacers215lb (98kg)241
Georges NiangCleveland Cavaliers230lb (104kg)132
Daishen NixMinnesota Timberwolves226lb (103kg)159
Zeke NnajiDenver Nuggets240lb (109kg)78
Jaylen Nowelln/a201lb (91kg)398
Markquis Nowelln/a160lb (73kg)573
Frank Ntilikinan/a200lb (91kg)398
Jusuf NurkicPhoenix Suns290lb (132kg)1
Jordan NworaToronto Raptors225lb (102kg)169
Royce O’NealePhoenix Suns226lb (103kg)159
Chuma OkekeOrlando Magic229lb (104kg)132
Josh OkogiePhoenix Suns213lb (97kg)285
Onyeka OkongwuAtlanta Hawks240lb (109kg)78
Isaac OkoroCleveland Cavaliers225lb (102kg)169
Victor Oladipon/a213lb (97kg)285
Kelly OlynykToronto Raptors240lb (109kg)78
Eugene OmoruyiWashington Wizards235lb (107kg)111
Cedi OsmanSan Antonio Spurs230lb (104kg)132
Kelly Oubre Jr.Philadelphia 76ers203lb (92kg)386
Chris PaulGolden State Warriors175lb (79kg)554
Cameron PaynePhiladelphia 76ers183lb (83kg)534
Gary Payton IIGolden State Warriors195lb (88kg)442
Maozinha PereiraMemphis Grizzlies576
Drew PetersonBoston Celtics205lb (93kg)340
Filip Petrusevn/a225lb (102kg)169
Julian PhillipsChicago Bulls198lb (90kg)427
Jalen PickettDenver Nuggets202lb (92kg)386
Scotty Pippen Jr.Memphis Grizzlies170lb (77kg)566
Mason PlumleeLos Angeles Clippers254lb (115kg)31
Brandin PodziemskiGolden State Warriors205lb (93kg)340
Jakob PoeltlToronto Raptors260lb (118kg)20
Aleksej PokusevskiCharlotte Hornets210lb (95kg)294
Jordan PooleWashington Wizards194lb (88kg)442
Jontay PorterToronto Raptors240lb (109kg)78
Craig Porter Jr.Cleveland Cavaliers180lb (82kg)537
Michael Porter Jr.Denver Nuggets218lb (99kg)236
Otto Porter Jr.n/a230lb (104kg)132
Bobby PortisMilwaukee Bucks250lb (113kg)35
Kristaps PorzingisBoston Celtics240lb (109kg)78
Micah PotterUtah Jazz248lb (112kg)53
Dwight PowellDallas Mavericks240lb (109kg)78
Norman PowellLos Angeles Clippers215lb (98kg)241
Jason PrestonUtah Jazz181lb (82kg)537
Joshua PrimoLos Angeles Clippers189lb (86kg)479
Taurean PrinceLos Angeles Lakers218lb (99kg)236
Payton PritchardBoston Celtics195lb (88kg)442
Olivier-Maxence ProsperDallas Mavericks230lb (104kg)132
Trevelin QueenOrlando Magic190lb (86kg)479
Neemias QuetaBoston Celtics248lb (112kg)53
Immanuel QuickleyToronto Raptors190lb (86kg)479
Lester QuinonesGolden State Warriors208lb (94kg)334
Jahmi’us Ramseyn/a190lb (86kg)479
Julius RandleNew York Knicks250lb (113kg)35
Duop ReathPortland Trail Blazers245lb (111kg)58
Austin ReavesLos Angeles Lakers197lb (89kg)434
Cam ReddishLos Angeles Lakers217lb (98kg)241
Paul ReedPhiladelphia 76ers210lb (95kg)294
Naz ReidMinnesota Timberwolves264lb (120kg)15
Jared RhodenDetroit Pistons210lb (95kg)294
Nick RichardsCharlotte Hornets245lb (111kg)58
Josh RichardsonMiami Heat200lb (91kg)398
Duncan RobinsonMiami Heat215lb (98kg)241
Jerome RobinsonGolden State Warriors190lb (86kg)479
Mitchell RobinsonNew York Knicks240lb (109kg)78
Orlando RobinsonMiami Heat235lb (107kg)111
Jeremiah Robinson-EarlNew Orleans Pelicans240lb (109kg)78
David RoddyPhoenix Suns255lb (116kg)25
Ryan RollinsMilwaukee Bucks180lb (82kg)537
Derrick RoseMemphis Grizzlies200lb (91kg)398
Terry RozierMiami Heat190lb (86kg)479
Rayan RupertPortland Trail Blazers185lb (84kg)509
D’Angelo RussellLos Angeles Lakers193lb (88kg)442
Matt RyanNew Orleans Pelicans215lb (98kg)241
Domantas SabonisSacramento Kings240lb (109kg)78
Luka SamanicUtah Jazz227lb (103kg)159
Jermaine Samuels Jr.Houston Rockets230lb (104kg)132
Adama SanogoChicago Bulls245lb (111kg)58
Gui SantosGolden State Warriors185lb (84kg)509
Dario SaricGolden State Warriors225lb (102kg)169
Olivier SarrOklahoma City Thunder240lb (109kg)78
Marcus SasserDetroit Pistons195lb (88kg)442
Admiral SchofieldOrlando Magic241lb (109kg)78
Dennis SchroderBrooklyn Nets175lb (79kg)554
Dereon SeabronNew Orleans Pelicans180lb (82kg)537
Alperen SengunHouston Rockets243lb (110kg)72
Brice SensabaughUtah Jazz235lb (107kg)111
Collin SextonUtah Jazz190lb (86kg)479
Landry ShametWashington Wizards190lb (86kg)479
Day’Ron SharpeBrooklyn Nets265lb (120kg)15
Shaedon SharpePortland Trail Blazers205lb (93kg)340
Ben SheppardIndiana Pacers190lb (86kg)479
Pascal SiakamIndiana Pacers245lb (111kg)58
Ben SimmonsBrooklyn Nets240lb (109kg)78
Kobi SimmonsToronto Raptors576
Anfernee SimonsPortland Trail Blazers193lb (88kg)442
Jericho SimsNew York Knicks250lb (113kg)35
Dmytro Skapintsevn/a215lb (98kg)241
Jalen SlawsonSacramento Kings215lb (98kg)241
Javonte Smartn/a205lb (93kg)340
Marcus SmartMemphis Grizzlies220lb (100kg)197
Dru Smithn/a203lb (92kg)386
Ish Smithn/a175lb (79kg)554
Jalen SmithIndiana Pacers215lb (98kg)241
Terquavion SmithPhiladelphia 76ers160lb (73kg)573
Zhaire Smithn/a205lb (93kg)340
Dennis Smith Jr.Brooklyn Nets205lb (93kg)340
Jabari Smith Jr.Houston Rockets220lb (100kg)197
Nick Smith Jr.Charlotte Hornets185lb (84kg)509
Jeremy SochanSan Antonio Spurs230lb (104kg)132
Pat SpencerGolden State Warriors205lb (93kg)340
Jaden SpringerBoston Celtics202lb (92kg)386
Lamar StevensMemphis Grizzlies230lb (104kg)132
Isaiah StewartDetroit Pistons250lb (113kg)35
Julian StrawtherDenver Nuggets205lb (93kg)340
Max StrusCleveland Cavaliers215lb (98kg)241
Jalen SuggsOrlando Magic205lb (93kg)340
Cole SwiderMiami Heat220lb (100kg)197
Jae’Sean TateHouston Rockets230lb (104kg)132
Jayson TatumBoston Celtics210lb (95kg)294
Terry TaylorChicago Bulls230lb (104kg)132
Garrett TempleToronto Raptors195lb (88kg)442
Dalen TerryChicago Bulls195lb (88kg)442
Daniel TheisLos Angeles Clippers245lb (111kg)58
Cam ThomasBrooklyn Nets210lb (95kg)294
Isaiah ThomasPhoenix Suns576
Amen ThompsonHouston Rockets200lb (91kg)398
Ausar ThompsonDetroit Pistons205lb (93kg)340
Klay ThompsonGolden State Warriors220lb (100kg)197
Tristan ThompsonCleveland Cavaliers254lb (115kg)31
JT ThorCharlotte Hornets203lb (92kg)386
Matisse ThybullePortland Trail Blazers201lb (91kg)398
Xavier TillmanBoston Celtics245lb (111kg)58
Jacob ToppinNew York Knicks200lb (91kg)398
Obi ToppinIndiana Pacers220lb (100kg)197
Juan Toscano-Andersonn/a209lb (95kg)294
Karl-Anthony TownsMinnesota Timberwolves248lb (112kg)53
Gary Trent Jr.Toronto Raptors204lb (93kg)340
Oscar TshiebweIndiana Pacers255lb (116kg)25
P.J. TuckerLos Angeles Clippers245lb (111kg)58
Myles TurnerIndiana Pacers250lb (113kg)35
Hunter TysonDenver Nuggets215lb (98kg)241
Stanley UmudeDetroit Pistons210lb (95kg)294
Jonas ValanciunasNew Orleans Pelicans265lb (120kg)15
Jarred VanderbiltLos Angeles Lakers214lb (97kg)285
Fred VanVleetHouston Rockets197lb (89kg)434
Devin VassellSan Antonio Spurs200lb (91kg)398
Sasha VezenkovSacramento Kings225lb (102kg)169
Gabe VincentLos Angeles Lakers200lb (91kg)398
Nikola VucevicChicago Bulls260lb (118kg)20
Tristan VukcevicWashington Wizards220lb (100kg)197
Dean WadeCleveland Cavaliers228lb (103kg)159
Franz WagnerOrlando Magic220lb (100kg)197
Moritz WagnerOrlando Magic245lb (111kg)58
Ish WainrightPhoenix Suns250lb (113kg)35
Jabari WalkerPortland Trail Blazers227lb (103kg)159
Jarace WalkerIndiana Pacers235lb (107kg)111
Lonnie Walker IVBrooklyn Nets204lb (93kg)340
Cason WallaceOklahoma City Thunder195lb (88kg)442
Jordan WalshBoston Celtics205lb (93kg)340
T.J. WarrenMinnesota Timberwolves220lb (100kg)197
P.J. WashingtonDallas Mavericks230lb (104kg)132
Duane Washington Jr.New York Knicks197lb (89kg)434
TyTy Washington Jr.Milwaukee Bucks195lb (88kg)442
Yuta WatanabeMemphis Grizzlies215lb (98kg)241
Lindy Waters IIIOklahoma City Thunder210lb (95kg)294
Trendon WatfordBrooklyn Nets237lb (108kg)108
Peyton WatsonDenver Nuggets200lb (91kg)398
Victor WembanyamaSan Antonio Spurs210lb (95kg)294
Blake WesleySan Antonio Spurs185lb (84kg)509
Russell WestbrookLos Angeles Clippers200lb (91kg)398
Coby WhiteChicago Bulls195lb (88kg)442
Derrick WhiteBoston Celtics190lb (86kg)479
Dariq WhiteheadBrooklyn Nets220lb (100kg)197
Cam WhitmoreHouston Rockets230lb (104kg)132
Aaron WigginsOklahoma City Thunder190lb (86kg)479
Andrew WigginsGolden State Warriors197lb (89kg)434
Lindell Wiggintonn/a189lb (86kg)479
Brandon WilliamsDallas Mavericks190lb (86kg)479
Grant WilliamsCharlotte Hornets236lb (107kg)111
Jalen WilliamsOklahoma City Thunder211lb (96kg)292
Jaylin WilliamsOklahoma City Thunder240lb (109kg)78
Kenrich WilliamsOklahoma City Thunder210lb (95kg)294
Mark WilliamsCharlotte Hornets240lb (109kg)78
Nate WilliamsHouston Rockets205lb (93kg)340
Patrick WilliamsChicago Bulls215lb (98kg)241
Ziaire WilliamsMemphis Grizzlies185lb (84kg)509
Alondes WilliamsMiami Heat576
Robert Williams IIIPortland Trail Blazers249lb (113kg)35
Vince Williams Jr.Memphis Grizzlies205lb (93kg)340
Zion WilliamsonNew Orleans Pelicans284lb (129kg)3
Jalen WilsonBrooklyn Nets220lb (100kg)197
D.J. WilsonPhiladelphia 76ers576
Dylan WindlerAtlanta Hawks196lb (89kg)434
Justise Winslown/a222lb (101kg)192
James WisemanDetroit Pistons240lb (109kg)78
Isaiah WongIndiana Pacers185lb (84kg)509
Christian WoodLos Angeles Lakers214lb (97kg)285
Delon WrightMiami Heat185lb (84kg)509
Thaddeus YoungPhoenix Suns225lb (102kg)169
Trae YoungAtlanta Hawks164lb (74kg)572
Omer YurtsevenUtah Jazz275lb (125kg)9
Cody ZellerNew Orleans Pelicans240lb (109kg)78
Ivica ZubacLos Angeles Clippers240lb (109kg)78

Other NBA Weight FAQ

What is the average weight of a NBA center?

The average weight of an NBA center is currently 107.895 kg (approx. 237.87 lbs)

How heavy was the heaviest NBA player ever?

The heaviest NBA player ever was Sim Bhullar. He was officially listed at 360 lbs (approx. 163 kg).

Bhullar only played one season in the NBA (2015). He was the first player of Indian descent to ever play in the NBA.

Bhullar is currently playing professional basketball in Taiwan.

Who has the lowest weight in NBA history?

The lightest NBA player ever was Spud Webb. He was officially listed at 133 lbs (approx. 60kg).

Spud had a solid 12-year NBA career with four teams (Atlanta, Sacramento, Minnesota, Orlando). He once averaged 16 ppg for a season (1991-92).

Spud is also the third shortest NBA player ever.

Who is the lightest NBA player currently?

The lightest NBA player(s) are: Terquavion Smith, Jacob Gilyard ( 73 kg / 160.94 lbs)

How heavy is Ja Morant?

Ja Morant is officially listed at a weight of 174 lbs (79 kg).

How much does KD weigh?

Kevin Durant is officially listed at a weight of 240 lbs (109kg).

How heavy was Shaq during NBA?

Shaq‘s final officially listed weight was 325 lbs (approx. 147kg).

His actual weight fluctuated from season to season, and within the same season.

A few years ago, Shaq revealed that he weighed around 395 pounds during the 2002 season.

As a rookie (1992), Shaq weighed a mere 303 lbs (137kg).


The average NBA player weight is 215.39 lbs (i.e. 97.7 kg).

For perspective, the average American male weight is 199.7 lb (90.6 kg), which is relatively not that big of a difference (i.e. average NBA weight is 7.8% heavier).

In comparison, the average NBA height (6′ 6″ / 1.994m) is about 14% taller than the average American male (5′ 9″ / 1.753m).

What do you think about the average NBA weight? Are you surprised? Or, did you think it would be heavier? Lighter?

How does your own weight stack up to the average NBA player?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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